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HG kitchen drain unblocker is for unblocking serious blockages in the drain of the kitchen sink. The sink can become blocked because of rinsing away food remnants, fat and oil. HG kitchen drain unblocker works on the basis of natural enzymes and microbes which eat through the blockage as it were and therefore always deal with any kind of blockage. The natural enzymes and microbes make it fully biodegradable and absolutely safe for any type of drain or septic tank. It even enhances the bacteria culture of the septic tank and has a preventive effect that helps to avoid difficult blockage issues. If you are dealing with a serious blockage, we recommend HG duo unblocker. For unblocking the drain of a handbasin, toilet or shower trap, we recommend HG liquid drain unblocker.

Allow some lukewarm water to run down the blocked drain before treatment. Then pour 300ml HG kitchen drain unblocker into the sink drain. Now pour down the same amount of lukewarm water in order to activate the enzymes and microbes in the unblocker. Leave the unblocker for 6 to 8 hours to do its job before running water down the drain again. The blockage has been removed. Twice a month, pour a dash of the product down the drain, preferably in the evening, and leave it overnight in order to prevent blockages or bad odours. We recommend using HG drain odour remover to prevent or remove unpleasant odours in the drain.










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