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HG floor glue remover removes even the most difficult glue and glue remnants from all types of floors. This extra strong and super-fast glue remover is suitable for solvent-based glues for carpets, linoleum, resin, parquet, cork, tile, wall and floor covering, and for compound and assembly sealant. The content of this product does not contain environmentally unfriendly and harmful raw materials such as methylene chloride or methanol. The product is biodegradable and can be used without difficulties on nearly all types of surfaces.

Start by cutting the carpet into strips, roll them up and remove them. (Vinyl) flooring that is difficult to remove must be perforated with a spiked roller or similar tool first. HG floor glue remover must be able to penetrate the adhesive layer in order to be able to remove it. Use a brush to cover adhesive residues liberally with HG floor glue remover. Cut away the residues with a filling knife after approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Now rinse the surface well with water. The surface must be properly dry before applying new wall or floor covering.








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